Please inquire here if you are interested in seeing any of the reports or studies

 Lake Warner – Mill River Watershed Restoration.  Local Technical Assistance.  Anne Capra, Pioneer Valley Planning Commission.  September 27, 2010

Lake Warner-Mill River Watershed.  Been There, Done That: A Synopsis of Past Research and Restoration Projects.  Anne Capra, Pioneer Valley Planning Commission.  July 15, 2010

Survey of Inland Waters  (Chapter 140, Resolves of 1910) and associated reports and documents related to flooding, plants, estimating peak discharges of small streams, and others.

Mill River Flood Study Report.  Central Heating Plant project.  Hadley, MA 01035  University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  January 21, 2003

Nashawannuck Pond Restoration Project, Phase II.  Easthampton, MA Final Report.  June 2005.  Pioneer Valley Planning Commission and the City of Easthampton, MA.

Environmental Notification Form (ENF)  (Draft) Aquatic Habitat Restoration of Nashawannuck Pond Easthampton, Massachusetts  Baystate Environmental Cocultants January 2007.

Notice of Intent Pursuant to Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act Regulations….for the Dredging of Nashawannuck Pond, Easthampton, MA  September 2008